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Dog Training & Boarding Services in Columbus, OH

Services Offered

Every dog and family is unique and requires a different approach than the last. Which service best suits your needs?


Required for all new clients, get the chance to meet your trainer and discuss the best training approach for you and your dog! Not training? No problem, this is a great opportunity to ensure your dog will be happy in our care!


Going out of town but anxious about leaving your dog? Book them their own vacation at Sound Off K9! With monitored play groups, walks and a home environment you can vacation easy knowing your dog is receiving the best care!

Private Lessons

Best for the owners that like to do it themselves! During private lessons our trainers focus on training the owner and let them lead the way with their dog!

Specialized Lessons

A perfect balance between private lessons and board and trains. Specialized lessons take the focus beyond basic obedience to give owners and their dogs the additional tools they want to thrive! 

Board & Train

Don’t have the time to spend hours working with your dog everyday? Don’t worry, we got you! During a board and train your dog will stay at our facility and receive hours of training everyday!

The Dogs That Made Us

Every dog is important to us, meet some of the dogs that challenged us, pushed us to work harder, and reaffirmed our desire to work in this field

“If you’re looking for a professional dog trainer for your dog– call her. Call her right now. Heidi was exposed to so much during her stay[…] The communication during this time was top notch…” 

-Heidi’s Mom


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Meet Your Trainer

Hi! I’m Robyn! I have been training dogs since 2017, at just 17 years old! I was introduced to this line of work when my fathers police k9 became partially paralyzed due to a genetic disease. I brought him to physical therapy everyday and was immediately hooked! I quickly became a permanent part of the facility and was soon training on my own. 

The first two dogs I helped train are now police k9’s in central Ohio. I then went on to get certified as a decoy in bite work, and continue to train with police k9’s every month. I had four mentors who were also business owners and professional trainers. I have loved every minute of it!

For me, seeing dogs come out of their shells or hearing the words, “I never thought we would ever be able to do this” come from the owners is the entire reason I pursue this job… every day!

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